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Whether your organisation needs complex multi-server on-premises infrastructure, a cloud-based solution like Microsoft 365 or Azure, or a hybrid, we can help with tailored solutions and ongoing support.

Our organisation can supply all the components required including computers, Smartphones and tablets, servers, networking equipment, software, accessories and consumables.

Key areas which we can address for your organisation include:

  • Smarter utilisation of your existing IT resources to improve business operation.
  • Information Security assessments and remediation.
  • VPN and RDS knowledge for remote access.
  • Wireless solutions with companywide coverage.
  • Mobile computing offering connectivity anywhere, anytime.
  • Effective protection against viruses and other threats.
  • Backup, redundancy and fault tolerance implementation.
  • Cloud telephony including Microsoft Teams Phone System, and BizPhone.
  • IT budget analysis and development.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your existing infrastructure.
  • Design reliable, secure and scalable solutions to support your present and future needs.
  • Provide training to maximise productivity.
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